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Kehila Park

Pronounced (Ka-He-La)

Kehila means ‘community” in Hebrew.

Our Mission

The mission of Kehila Park is to restore and strengthen the health and well-being of infants, children and youth being placed in foster care while also, enriching the lives of Senior Adults (Grands).

Our Christ-Centered, Multi-Generational Community Model aims to move children out of the foster care system into
permanent loving families.

How our Vision Is Different

Kehila Park provides homes and programing to families who are already fostering and would be willing to foster more children, if they had room in their current homes.

The largest barriers to foster care are space and community support.
Through Kehila Park these needs are met.

At Completion

At completion Kehila Park will have:

11 foster homes,

3 (2 bedroom) Grand Duplexes
for Sr Adults age 55+

Learning Center

Programming for foster and adoptive families

Contact Us

Kehila Park Office
2600 W Broadway Suite 5,
Sulphur, OK 73086  

 580-622-KIDS (5437)

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